PLSS LLC. Security Services
Military Retired/Managed


The mission of PLSS. LLC is to provide "Excellence through Discipline".  The goal of PLSS and our PLSS LLC Security Officer/Event Staff Professionals is to provide area businesses with the highest trained PLSS LLC Security Officers/Event Security Staff available in the Kansas City Metro Area. We PLSS LLC are geared to provide diligent customer service mindsets and adapt to a mindset with interjecting integrity and respect to our clients and public always, serve our clients with optimum passion,  provide protection of assets and people, and without a second thought, provide a safe and secure enriching environment to our clients and public. 

In pursuit of our mission, PLSS LLC will to the best of its abilities to:

PROVIDE:  Affordable and quality alternatives in security for public safety.

INSTILL: A professional discipline within our PLSS LLC Security Officers/Event Security Staff with a philosophy that our "clients are first priority".

WORK:  Together with all local law enforcement agencies.

SECURE: A safe and secure environment for its clients, the public and their property.

STRIVE: Constantly to increase our knowledge about crime and criminal behavior in order to be more effective in accomplishing our mission

TREAT:   All our PLSS. LLC Security Officer/Event Security Staff, our clients and of course citizens of the public with respect, courtesy and professionalism.

ENCOURAGE: Our PLSS. LLC Management Staff, Security Officers/Event Security Staff to continue their education goals with training in Law Enforcement, Security, or in the Criminal Justice fields.

SUPPORT: Equal opportunity and equal advancement mindset opportunities for all our PLSS. LLC Security Officers/Event Securty Staff.

RESPECT: All Clients,  Officers and Public when dealing with obstacles,  and negative situations.  Provide positive and concrete solutions to resolve these issues. 

Nehemiah 4:9 "But we prayed to our God and posted a guard day and night to meet this threat"


PLSS. LLC Security Services

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