PLSS LLC. Security Services
Military Retired/Managed

PLSS. LLC Owner Bio

The Owner Juan Houston the "Jazzman" has trained and obtained over 30 years of Law Enforcement experience with the U.S. Military and civilian sectors.

Attending Citizen Police Academy's, working Police duties and obtaining Security Certifications with multiple Security Services Companies. 

Formerly worked as a Event Security Manager at theaters and music venues. Touring Security Manager for music festivals and performers. Additionally served in roles as a Director, Supervisor, and Security Account Manager for Security Companies. 

List of Security Certified Training

​​​​​​~Master Security Officer Certification 2016.

~The Role as a Security Officer. 

~Certified Homeland Security Trainer.

~Certified Residential Security Officer.

~White Glove Services in Healthcare Security.

~White Glove Service in Higher Education Security.

~Cultural Diversity.

~Report Writing. 

~Certified Healthcare Security Officer.

~School of National Industrial Security.

~White Glove Customer Service.

~White Glove Service in Shopping Center Security.

~Ethics and Conduct.

~Evacuation Procedures.

~Physical Security & Loss Prevention.

~Customer Intimacy.

~School of Residential Community Security Essentials.

~Customer Service.

~Concierge Program.

~Security Supervisor Essentials.

~Safety Officer Specialist.

~Campus Security Authority.

~FDIC Laws and Legal Authority.

~FDIC Civil Disurbance and Hostage Situation.

~FDIC Laws and Legal Authority. 

~Patrol Techniques.

~Access Control.

~Safety and Security Training.

~Workplace Violence Awareness.

~Manging Conflict.

~Principals of Leadership.

~Use of Force Scenario-Healthcare. 

~ Use of Force Scenario -Shopping Malls. 

~Use of Force Scenario-Higher Education. 

~CCTV Monitoring & Dispatch.

~Suspicious Activity Reporting.

~Code of Ethics and Business Conduct Guidelines.

~Strikes, Pickets & Crowd Control.

~Crime Prevention & Response. 

~School of Manufacturing/Industrial Essentials (Security).

~Professionalism & Ethics.

~Emergency Procedures. 

~Emergency Response Team Training. 

~Communications & Public Relations.

~GSA Search and Seizure.

~GSA Civil Disturbance and Hostage Situation. 

~GSA Arrest and Detainment. 

~GSA, Firearms. 

~GSA Crime Scene and Testimony. 

~GSA Weapons and Equipment. 

~GSA Sabotage and Espionage. 

~GSA Childcare Center Security. 

~Preventing Discrimination and Harrassment. 

-State of Missouri Acohol Seller/Buyer Certification.

~Unauthorized Access. 

~Managing a Flash Mob Experience. 

~Search Technics (SSO).

~Basic Investigations. 

~Interviewing Witnesses and Suspects. 

~On Duty Weapons Safety. 

~Active Shooter. 

~Terrorism Awareness .

~Violence Awareness Certification. 

~Dealing with Domestic Abuse. 

~Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse. 

~Leadership and Management School Diploma U.S.A.F. Barksdale AFB. 



PLSS. LLC Security Services

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